Terms and Conditions

Last modified: 2019


Through the use of any of Wundr Software Inc.'s ("Wundr") products and services, which includes but is not limited to:

  • The use of Wundr's Website (www.wundrbooks.com) and any other Websites affiliated with Wundr;
  • Wundr's self-publishing services, including the use of Playwrite and uPub;
  • The use of WundrPub; and
  • The use of any of Wundr's other products and services.

Regardless of the country in which You live, and provided that You are the age of majority in Your location, You are deemed to have read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from those under the age of majority. We request that parents or guardians of those under the age of majority read through these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the user. Please note that these Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. All changes will be posted here. In the case where You have an account with Us, We will contact You via Email should these policies change.


The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions and any or all Agreements: “You” and “Your” refers to You, the person accessing Wundr’s Website and/or products and services and accepting The Company’s Terms and Conditions. "The Company", “We”, "Us", “Our”, and “Wundr” refers to Wundr Software Inc. “Partners” refers to Wundr’s Partners which includes other eBook distributors and other third party partners. “eBook” refers to electronic books like “electronic novels”, “electronic textbooks”, “electronic periodicals” such as magazines and the like. “Content” refers to Wundr’s Website (Site) and any of Wundr’s products and services, including its software. “Contractors” refer to such entities as Google and others who provide services to Wundr in support of its products and services.


The term of this Agreement will begin upon Your acceptance of it and will continue until either party to this Agreement cancels it. Either Wundr or You may cancel this Agreement at anytime with notice. Upon termination you must cease use of this Website and of any other Websites affliated with Wundr. You must also cease using any and all of Wundr's products and services. After termination, any eBooks that have been published with uPub will no longer be available for sale shortly after cancellation. We may also suspend or cancel Your Wundr account at anytime with or without notice to You, with or without just cause. Following suspension or cancellation, We may fulfill any customer orders of Your eBooks prior to the date of suspension or cancellation. We may also continue to maintain copies of Your eBooks in order to provide continuing access or otherwise support customers who have purchased an eBook prior to suspension or cancellation. Any continuing provisions and all rights to eBooks by customers will continue after cancellation.

Products and Services


Playwrite enables its users the ability to create eBooks for distribution to eBook sales channels such as Kobo, the iBookstore, and many others to be read on multiple devices. With the purchase of a license, You are free to use one copy of the software to create eBooks. You will be the sole owner of any content You create. You must not make copies of the software or redistribute it. Bulk licensing is available: contact Wundr through one of its various support interfaces to inquire today. Playwrite has its own End User License Agreement which forms part of the installation process.


WundrPub is a service which enables users to easily obtain custom eBook creation and distribution services from Wundr.

  • Through Your use of WundrPub, You agree to give Wundr access to files associated with Your projects, including such things as manuscripts and the like. Wundr makes no warranties or representations regarding the duration of such service. Wundr is not required to continue providing services to You after it has provided completed project files to You where no revisions remain. Wundr also makes no warranties or representations regarding the usability and function of the project output on different devices and eReader systems.

uPub: Self-publishing services

If You choose to distribute Your eBook using Wundr's uPub service, the following Terms and Conditions apply:

  • Self-publishing eBooks is accomplished through Your Wundr account via Your Publisher's Portal. You must have an account in order to use Wundr's self-publishing services. After obtaining uPub credits, at Your discretion, You will be able to publish eBooks to several of Wundr's Partners. Your eBooks will then be available to the public on Third Parties' Websites. If You wish to publish additional eBooks where You do not have enough uPub credits, additional credits may be purchased from Wundr. uPub credits are required for each eBook you want to distribute. uPub credits cover publishing and republishing of Your eBook should You decide to unpublish it after it has been published.

  • Content standards and management. Your eBooks, which includes all assets that make up an eBook "package", such as Cover Image, graphics, text, etc. must conform to Our content standards. At Our judgement, We reserve the right to request and/or make modifications to Your eBooks or to remove them entirely from Our systems and any associated distribution channels without notice. We may also cancel Your account for violating these standards. We will notify You if any of Your eBooks have been rejected and provide information to You by way of Your registered Email address to help You rectify any issues that preclude the publication of Your eBook. Here are Our content standards:

    Copyright and other infringement. You are responsible for ensuring that Your content doesn't violate laws or copyright, trademark, non-disclosure agreements, or other rights. That You don't pirate or plagiarize other people's work.

    Offensive content. Offensive content is defined as content that is hateful, discriminatory, morally questionable, and the like. Such content is not acceptable for publication.

    Public domain and other non-exclusive content. Content that is freely available online is not acceptable for publication under Your name unless You are the copyright holder or are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder. Public domain content is only acceptable for publication if it is largely differentiated from books using the same content.

    Poor customer experience. At Our discretion, eBooks that provide the customer with a poor experience are not acceptable for publication. A poor customer experience is defined as eBooks that are poorly formatted, ones that have misleading titles, those that lack a Cover Image, ones that have been machine translated, and the like. In addition, eBooks written primarily for the purpose of marketing products and services are also not acceptable for publication, particularly those that have direct links to marketing pages, or links to other parts of the book for purchase elsewhere. Further, books advertising a catalog of other books are also not acceptable for publication.

    If You discover that You do not meet these standards or want to withdraw Your content for any other reason, You must remove Your eBooks by unpublishing them via Your Publisher's Portal. Your eBooks will then be removed from all sales channels shortly thereafter. Wundr and its Partners will make every effort to remove Your eBooks without delay after they have been unpublished, usually within five business days thereafter. But the amount of time upon which Your eBooks remain in Our Partners' sales channels after You unpublish them is dependent upon Our Partners and beyond the control of Wundr. You also accept that Wundr and its Partners may make changes and correct errors that it finds in Your content before or after publication.

  • eBook appearance. You accept that Your eBooks may look different depending on the platform and/or device that they are deployed on. Wundr makes no warranties or claims as to the accuracy of how Your eBooks will look in Playwrite or other such software in relation to how it will look after it has been reformatted for deployment on different reading systems.