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Playwrite, our eBook publishing program, is great for creating content. But what about distribution? With a uPub account, you can publish your titles to multiple sellers worldwide, and manage that content after it's been published. It's seemless.

The problem

Managing Content.

Publishing to multiple eBookstores, and then managing your titles. It's time consuming, complicated, and difficult.

The solution


uPub takes the hassle out of eBook publishing. We publish your content for you and give you regularly updated sales stats and other related information.

Increase sales, reduce costs and complexity

Increase your reach and achieve your short and long-term sales goals. Wundr's uPub service solves many problems for both large and small publishers by taking the complexity out of eBook publishing. You don't have to worry about foreign currency exchange, metadata, worldwide distribution, and sales tracking, statistics, and billing. With uPub, you can publish with us to multiple retailers worldwide and view analytics that reveals deep insight into how your titles are selling in different geographic regions and sales channels. This allows you to identify opportunities to increase sales.

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    Get a free ISBN with each title published.

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    Create + Publish

    Create with Playwrite then easily publish with uPub.

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    Multiple eBookstores

    Publish worldwide to the largest network of retailers.

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    Get deep insight into sales in different regions and channels. Reveal opportunities. Increase sales.

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    Publishing Stats

    Get up-to-date sales stats and manage your content.

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    Advertised to over 25,000 bookstores and libraries globally.

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    Billing and Admin

    Stress-free, automated billing and administration.

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    Customer Support

    Get help by a growing community of users and receive hands on company support.

Publisher's Portal

We're currently beta testing a control center called "Publisher's Portal". A simple, intuitive CMS where you manage your titles, view analytics, get publishing packages, and more. We're selecting a small number of users to join.

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